Wednesday, September 23

Group 5B:
Reading: Answer discussion questions in notebook (3. Who does Claudia pick to run away with her? Why? (Use specific details to support your answer)
4. We spoke of Claudia’s reasons for running away. If you were Claudia, what other options would have been alternatives to running away?)
Math: L2 Even up to #26
Science: 2 worksheets, research your zodiac constellation so you can create Friday in Lab
Social: Define vocabulary on page 24 in notebook

Reminders: $1 Dress Down Friday

Music (due next Tuesday):
Homework: 1. How would you use music to make people feel better about what’s happening in the world? 2. What song would you sing to them, and why?
Notes (if you did not copy today): “Hope for Haiti Now” was a global benefit hosted in January 22, 2010 after an earthquake struck Haiti on January 12, 2010. It was a telethon with 83 million viewers. They raised 58 million dollars. Among the performers were, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Madonna, Alicia Keys and Shakira

Group 6B:
Answer Discussion questions in notebook (5. What is the one rule at Camp Green Lake?
6. Who will Stanley be living with and what are their nicknames? Why does each have the nickname they do?
7. Why is Stanley at Camp Green Lake? Explain the incident that got him in trouble and his family history that may be blamed.)