Wednesday, November 18

Group 5A:
Reading: Answer in notebook: 1. What details let Claudia and Jamie know that Mrs. Frankweiler is very wealthy? (Use at least two details from the text!)
2. What does Claudia decide to do while they are waiting to eat? Does this surprise you? Why or why not? (Use details to support your opinion)
3. How is Mrs. Frankweiler’s office described? Does it seem to go with the rest of her house? Why or why not?
Any extra credit book reports should be in by next Tuesday
ELA: Quiz next Monday on Linking Verbs
Science: Scholastic Magazine – Read pages 2 and 3 and answer questions
Math: Lesson 9 #3 and 4, study for test Friday

Pizza money due Friday ($2.50 a slice)
Any past due summer packets not accepted after Friday
$2 Dress Down Friday