Tuesday, September 29

Group 5B
Reading: Read chapter 3 of Mixed up Files, Chapter 1 Vocabulary quiz Thursday
ELA: Write 5 sentences using collective nouns from list in notebook
Math: Study for Test Thursday
Science: Work on draft of scary science story for Thursday (email to Mhuggins@mcabk.org)
Social: Study vocabulary in Google Classroom
Religion:Lesson 1 test Monday

Candy sale packet and October calendar in folder
$1 Dress Down Thursday
Make sure you have earbuds in school Thursday

Music (due Wednesday): Finish copying song lyrics from class if you did not. Answer in notebook: 1. What is Bob Marley trying to say in this song? 2. How does it apply to the world today?

Group 6B
Read chapter 8 of Holes, finish questions in Google Classroom from today if not done, Vocabulary quiz Thursday
Make sure you have your earbuds Thursday