Tuesday, September 22

Group 5A:
Reading: Reread/Continue reading chapter 1 of Mixed up Files, finish chapter 1 vocabulary if you did not (suburbs, accustomed, transistor, fiscal, Neanderthal, injustice, monotony, transfer)
Math: L2 even up to #26 (textbook (hard cover book) is staying home for now in a safe place)
Science: Look up the constellation you want to create on Thursday during Lab, Read pages 20 and 21 and answer questions on Ms. Huggin’s page
Social: Define terms on page 16 and write a sentence for each word in your notebook
Religion: Cover activity book, finish first two questions on page 5 if you did not do them during class, Mission prayer retest if you need it is Thursday
Music: In notebook: 1. How would you use music to make people feel better about what’s going on in the world? 2. What song would you sing for them and why?

Reminders: $1 Dress Down Thursday
Parent Zoom meeting Thursday at 6:30 (link has been emailed)
Summer packets not accepted after October 1st

Group 6A:
Read Holes chapter 1 and 2
Finish Vocabulary for chapter 1 if not done
Answer Discussion Questions:
1. Why is it ironic that Camp Green Lake is named what it is?
2. Why does Stanley decide to go to Camp Green Lake instead of to jail?
3. What type of children end up in Camp Green Lake? Are most of them there because they want to be?
4. Who owns the shade at Camp Green Lake? Can you make any inferences based on this knowledge?