Tuesday, April 5

Reading: Finish work from yesterday if not done (also illustration description and illustration is now past due)
Math: On loose leaf – Textbook Lesson 10-4 #1-10 and Lesson 10-5 #22 and 24
Social Studies: Homework in Google Classroom
Science: Essay due Sunday the 10th and project should be completed by Monday the 11th

**PENS MUST BE IN SCHOOL EACH DAY** If you do not have at least one pen tomorrow, you will have detention
Pizza money not accepted after tomorrow ($3 a slice)
Pancake money due tomorrow – money NOT accepted after that date
$2 dress down Friday
12:30 Dismissal Wednesday April 13, NO Afterschool

Spring story books are now past due
Test Friday on Skeleton Creek notes in Google Classroom

Finish Digital Collage (for tomorrow morning) and written response (for Thursday)

Finish Digital Collage and written response