The Writing Process

The Writing Process
1. Prewriting (Think)
 a.  Think about the topic you will be writing about (or decide   what topic you want to write about)
 b. Think about who will read or listen to your written work
 c. Brainstorm ideas about the topic you will write about
 d. Research your topic as needed
2. Drafting (Write)
 a. Create an outline to help you order your information
 b. Put your information into your own words if you needed to   research your topic
 c. Write sentences and paragraph (even if they are not yet  
 d.  Read what you have written to decide if it makes sense
 e.  Share what you wrote with others (teacher, classmates,   parents) and get suggestions
3. Revising (Make it better)
 a. Read what you wrote again
 b.  Think about what others said about your work
 c. Rearrange words, sentences, or paragraphs if needed
 d.  Take out or add parts if needed
 e. Replace overused or unclear words/sentences
 f. Read your writing out loud to make sure it flows smoothly   and makes sense
4. Proofreading (Make it correct)
 a. Make sure all sentences are complete
 b. Correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar
 c. Change any words not used correctly
 d.  Have someone check your work
 e.  Recopy it correctly and neatly
5. Publishing (Ways to share your finished product)
 a. Read your writing aloud to a group
 b. Create a book of your work
 c. Give a copy to your teacher, a friend or relative
 d. Put your work on display
 e.  Illustrate, perform, or set your creation to music