Sept. 21, 2020: Homework and Announcements

Math 7 B:  

Religion 7B :  Study for Test, Test is Wednesday.

Social Studies B:  Finish all vocabulary on pages listed on the study guide, (checked ones)  Test next week on Chapter 

Science 7 B:  Cells and Heredity  Study pages 16 and 17  for lab quiz.

Social Studies 8 B:  On document in Google Classroom, write you opinion on the Dred Scott Case written on the homework board in class.

6B Social Studies: no homework.

5 B:  Social Studies:  Finish assignment given in class and complete the homework assignment on Google Classroom.

Social Studies 5 B:  Finish research and complete homework assignment in google classroom.

Math 7 B:  1-2 multiples of 3 up to number 54.