Ms. Sanon’s Homework 11/21

****8B’S HOMEWORK****
Math: 10-7 # 2 – 14 even. Get test signed.
Social Studies: Answer the question Manifest Destiny copied into notebook and email it to her. In a well articulating paragraph. Find all answers using study guide. Create your own review sheet. Bring it with you tomorrow.

****5TH, 6TH, 7TH & 8A’S GRADE HOMEWORK****
5th: WB page 27 # 1 – 15 odd
6th: Get test signed and complete test corrections on separate looseleaf. Do not write on the test. Only parent signature. Test tomorrow. If this homework isn’t complete, you cannot take the retake test tomorrow.
7th: 7-9 even up to 26. Get test signed.
8A: 10-7 # 2 – 14 even.

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