Ms.Huggins homework9/16

Math workbook page 145# 14-24 even and page 146 #3-23 odd put work on LL on and put answers in the workbook
SS write a reflection about 9/11
Grammar questions in NB Read chapter 1 Percy Jackson
Science answer the 2 questions in NB
***Find the IV, DV, Control and the Constant Variable
1. Students of different ages were given the same puzzle to assemble. The puzzle assembly time was measured. IV:_____ DV:________ COnstant: ___________
2. A student wanted to test how the mass of a paper airplane affected the distance it would fly. Paper clips were added before each test flight. As each paper clip was added, the plane was tested to determine how far it would fly. IV: _____ DV:______ Control:______ COnstant V:______

Study your notes

Worksheet on the Plant cell

Answer the 4 questions in your notebook
1. Define Continental Drift.
2.What are 4 pieces of evidence for Continental drift?
3. Define Plate Tectonics:
4 Two pieces of evidence for plate tectonics

Study your notes