Ms.Huggins homework2/5/2020

MAth page 77 show all work
Music essay and song due next wednesday
Bring in card party money $5.00
Pancake breakfast due February 14th
Dress down and half day on Friday
6th grade assemblyon Friday

Answer the following questions in yournotebook
1. Name one advantageand one disadvantaage of wind energy.
2. Identify one way biomaass energy is used to power vehicles. Why do you think this use is important?
3. Do you think the advantages of geothermal energy outweigh the disadvantages? Explain

COmplete the workbook pages Assess your understanding///Quiz tomorrow on the Punnett Square

Make sure your Review and Assessment sheet is completed

answer the following questions in your NB from today’s notes
1. What is the mantle divided up by? What is each part called and made up of?
2. What are the layers that make up Earth?