Ms.Huggins homework

ELA study for Noun test for tomorrow
Science questions in NB
Questions are:
1. What is Science?
2. What is a hypothesis?
3. What is a Independent Variable?
4.What is a dependent variable?
5. What is a conclusion?
6. What is Theory?
7. Venn Diagram: Compare and Contrast hypothesis with a theory
Music write a paragraph about a jazz singer,lyrist or jazz composer for next week///test in music

Read pages 44-47
Answer questions in NB
1. Wuld you like to live in constant daylight? Why or why not?
2. What is the Arctic Circle?
3. Look at the graph. How is June in Barrow, Alaska different from November?

Lab write ups are due by Friday

Worksheet must be completed test on Tuesday October 1

TB page 36 #1-10 11,&12