Ms.Huggins homework 9/18

Religion: watch the video on Adam and Eve
watch the video on Adam and Eve and the questions.
Complete the Scholastic due on Tuesday

What did God create in the beginning?
God told Adam he could eat anything in the Garden except one thing. What was it called?
Adam was lonely; who did God create to keep him company?
What did the snake convince Eve to eat and why? (watch the video and listen the snakes does mention it)
cut and paste animals and put it in the ark

Tuesday is gym
Math Lesson1 even up to 24
Lesson 2 even up to 16
SS vocab chapter 3 lesson 1
5 group A
Create a 3-d Star and send it as an attachement in google classroom

6 group A
convert the 10 metric units:
1. 1000mg = __________g
2. 1000g =_____________kg
3. 1000mL = ___________L
4. 47mm = ___________cm
5. 130cm = ____________m
6. 1200m = __________km
7. 3456mm = _________m
8. 45.6cm =____________m
9. 55mm = ________cm
10. 4568m = ______________km

7 Group A
Finish the 2 worksheets in google classroom///please review and study the different organelles

8 Group A