Ms.Huggins homework 9/17

Math state test question in NB put on LL and show work
SS Reflection on 9/11 on LL due tomorrow
ELA quiz tomorrow on chapter 1 Percy Jackson/// Essay draft on summer vacation personal narrative should be completed in NB for Friday///Test on Tuesday on Nouns(Concrete, abstract, compound and collective)
Science worksheet on LAb safety

Study and review notes

Use your Cells and Heredity workbook and the paper that was given to you and take notes on the different compounds///Make sure you write 3 examples for each.///Lab questions 8,9,10,&11 written in your Lab notebook is due tomorrow. the lab write up is due next week.
Lab Questions:
1.Compare and Contrast the six slides you observed
2.Make a prediction. Based on the drawings and descriptions of the slides in Table A, did any of the specimens come from the same organisms? Explain your answer
3. Was your prediction correct?
4. What conclusions about cells can you draw after your observation today?

Study notes

Study notes