Ms.Huggins homework 9/17

Religion= Questions for the video on Noah
1. Why did the Lord decide to destroy mankind in the flood?
2. How long did the rain last?
3.Which animal did Noah send out to see if the land was dry?
4. God made a covenant with Noah and his sons to never again send a flood to destroy the earth. What was the sign of this covenant?

6th Group B
Religion bring home notebook and watcht the movie on Noahs’ ark//Draw or paste animals in the ark in the notebook
Science convert 10 problems
Math Lesson 1 Independent practice even up to 24
Reading comprehension check page 13
SS chapter3 LEsson 1 write a sentence for the vocabulary words

5 Group B
Bring home your notebook to help woth your work tomorrow.
Draw your own design of a star and make it 3D…. Add color or any other items at home. Have your parents take a picture and sen it throught Google classroom. Explain your design and its meaning

6 Group B
Bring home your notebook and workbook
10 Conversation problems to complete in NOtebook

7 group b
REad and highlight page 20 &21 assess your understanding and page 35 Lesson 2 #6-10 only

8 Group b
watch up to 40 minutes of the EArth’s history video and write a summary and your opinion on it.