Ms.Huggins homework 3/9/2020

Religion workbook page 128
Science scholastic is due Friday///But tonight read about the survival of the holocaust boy
Reading state pdf #36&367
Math workbook page 62 #22-32even on looseleaf and answers in the workbook///Prime Factorization
SS 1 paragraph must emailed 6-7 sentences of characterisitics of a leader

human Body System workbook page 4-9 read
On the construction paper read and write about the Paleozoic ERA
Answer the following review questions:
1. Define Continential Drift
2. What are 4 pieces of evidence for the Continential Drift
3. What are the layers of Earth
4. What is lithosphere? What is Asthensosphere
5. Define and Draw Divergent, Converegent and Transform?