Ms.Huggins homework 3/5/2020

Science 10times in NB but you are writing the formulas for each Speed, Distacne and Time///Quiz tomorrow on Mixtures, Elements, and Compounds with 2 speed equations
Math Progress Packet page 89
Reading Education City ( you can do anytime) online worksheet #2&3 and online Game and quiz on “Finding Sawagae” Tomorrow
Dress Down tomorrow
Raffles are due

REad TB page 200-201 answer the following questions in your notebook:
1) What information does an anemometer provide?
2) How is wind vane similiar to an anemometer?
3) How is a wind vane different to an anemometer?
4) What other tools are used to gather data about weather?
***ALso, make sure to wactch the weather and fill out the weather sheet in your notebook

Test on chapter 6 on Evolution next THursday

Take home on weather due MOnday

Read TB page 54-61 questions will be asked tomorrow