Ms.Huggins homework 3/12/2020

Science scholastic reading is due tomorrow (Holocaust boy My survivial)///
Answer the two questions on Acceleration on Looseleaf. Make sure you write the question and the units in order to receive credit.
1. A car starting from rest accelerates at a rate of 8.0m/s/s. What is its final speed at teh end of 4.0 seconds?
2. A skater increases her velocity from 2.0 m/s to 10.0 m/s in 3.0 seconds. What is the skater’s acceleration?
Reading finish outline
Religion test on chapter 10 Tuesday
Math workbook page 63 #12-21
Tech Muscle activity for tomorrow make sure you bring head phones

Use the information from today’s reading and in your textbook to answer the following questions.

1. What is latitude?
2. What are the 4 things that affect climate?
3. What is the difference between weather and climate?
4. Why does a large lake or ocean affect climate?
5. How would this make climate of an area near an ocean milder in winter?

TEst on chapter 6 Cells and heredity on Charles Darwin tomorrow

STate exam Questions the second page front and back. Finish the back of the first page for homework