Ms.huggins homework 2/13/2020

Science worksheet complete the bottom on Pure Substances and Mixtures
Reading read the next chapter
SS you must get the social studies paper sign///page 154-159 all critcial thinking and progress check and lesson assessment #1-5 If you did not finish
Religion 10 commandments quizbring your own scissors and glue///and crayons
Bingo $2
Wear Red Dress Down $1
Pancake orders due tomorrow
Pizza lunch if you paid
No school next week WInter Recess

REad pages 188-189 answer the 2 questions in your notebook
1. Humid air holds a lot of water vapor. Which holds more water cold air or warm air?
2. Is air more likely to feel wetter, or more humid, in winter or summer?

Presentations will continue tomorrow ///you must email to me mhuggins

Water cycle creative writings are due tomorrow