Ms.Huggins homework 2/11/2020

MAth study for test
Reading black history month essay due after Valentinne’s day
SS chaapter 2 review questions #1-5 on page 153
Religion Ten commandments quiz on Thursday Make sure you bring your own glue and scissors
Science study notes from today
Music song essay due tomorrow/// Jazz essay
Pancake orders due Friday
$5.00dollar class basket money is due Friday
Pizza lunch on Friday

Textbook page 184-185 define all the vocabuary wordss in the notebook

PPT presentation continues

Finish the review and assessment worksheet///Create a creative writing story on the water cycle…
Imagine you are a water molecule telling a story of your journey. use what youu learned ffrom the chapter and your understanding of how the water cycles works.Include the places you go, and the changes you make as you travel through the cycle.Be creative

State Exam Prep tomorrow in class