Ms.huggins homework September 15th

Reread pages 10-15 in textbook and write vocabulary words for chapter 1 in your notebook. Answer the 4 questions from today’s reading and answer questions #1-3 on page 15.
1.How long is a day on Earth?
2. How is Earth like a spinning ride?
3. WHo has observed the sun’s apparent motion during the day?How wouldyou describe it?
4. What is the ancient greek word for planet?

Review your notes and practice the SI unit system. Complete some practice SI unit conversions.
6a. 1,817m ____________km
7a. 1,943m ___________km
8a. 366m __________km
9a. 3.321m __________cm
10a. 1.87m __________cm

Finish reading lesson 2 on cells and and the questions on page 19 Assess Your Understanding
Answer the True/False on Google docs