Ms.Huggins homework 12/5

Math page 174 #6-22 even
ELA finish grammar work from today (will be on website) Finish google slides Due Tuesday
SS finish the work we did today Do all progress check questions throughout reading (100-108)
Technology finish google slides for for MCA market ring
Friday half day and report cards
Hot chocolate will be sold $1.00///$1 dress down
Trip money due
No school on Monday

answer the following questions in the nb
1. What is inheritance?
2. Inheritance occurs during which process?
3. What are inherited traits?
4. Give an example of an inherited trait.
5. What are acquired traits?
6. Give an example of an acquired trait.
7. How are genes related to DNA?

Tb page 170 #1-10 Review
Test on Tuesday on Rocks and Minerals

RE-Read Tb page 40-55 and their will be a retake of the quiz tomorrow in class