Ms.Huggins homework 12/12

Religion test on chapter 5 and Advent after the break
Science commercial due Wednesday 12/18// make sure you have the index card the important information on your element/// remember it’s a 2 minute commercial
Math study for test
Finish slides for Ms. Johnson
Reading Presentations for Ms. Feil For tomorrow or Monday

Read pages 128-129 answer three questions in your notebook:
1. Why is Titanium used for bicycle?
2. What makes Titanium a good choice for artificial body parts?
3. What does Silver and Titanium have in common? How are they different?

Read pages 114-117 in workbook and complete the Assess your Understanding

Test will be tomorrow so please study

Re-Read the class pages from Textbook pages 58=60 on Soil Conservation tomorrow a 3 question quiz///Review and Assessment worksheet Lesson 1,2, &3 complete///Chapter test after the break