MS.Huggins homework 12/10

Science lab questions due 12/16 in Interactive notebook
1. How are the images produced by lenses different than the object viewed with the unassisted eye? How are they similar? Support your answer with the data.
2. Compare the images of the word”LEtter” when viewed with the convex lens, concave lenses, and microscope. How were the images different? How were they similar?
Project due next Wednesday
Math page 175 #4-28 even
Finish Ms.Feil PResentation is due Thursday///Linking verbs sentences due tomorrow///Look on Ms. Feil site
Finish Ms. Johnson’s Slides
SS check ms. Finnigan website
Trip tomorrow bring lunch and a light snack for in the morning.

TB page 119#1,2,3,&6 in NB/// Quiz on Soil Profile Friday //// TEst on ROcks and Minerals Next WEdnesday

Read pages 112-114 in workbook 5 Question Quiz on Thursday

Test on THursday