Ms. huggins homework 11/7

Science: Research a Scientist and submit to my email on the contribution to Scientist and their life due Wednesday
Reading page 42 essential questions in NB, 2 Paragraphs and use plot, characters, setting, and theme
Math page 170 #1,5,6,7
No school tomorrow and Monday
Walk-a-thon Tuesday

Submit by email or written about the of the 6 constellations on the back of the paper given to you in class. You are to research and write 3 facts about each. Due Tuesday
Re-write Alien story/// You are to choose a planet and write a story on why someone should visit your planet. Make sure you include the important details in your story. Use your notes

Take home exam on Cellular Respiration is due Wednesday///Please study your notes every night for 20 minutes

Take home on Volcanoes and Earthquakes due WEdnesday

Choose an Era and write a one page on why it is the best era and why. Use your textbooks to help you with the details. Remember your choices are Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic… You can email to me at