Ms.Huggins homework 11/5

ELA questions in Notebook/// FInish essay
SS answer in Notebook{How does water effect where people settle}///Bring in Index Cards
Science test tomorrow and finish answering the questions from the science packet page 4 and 5 on the Microscope/// Current Event on Scientist must be emailed to me on Wednesday 11/13 at along with a photo
Walk-a-thon money due tomorrow
Wear school uniform for picture day tomorrow/// NO GYM UNIFORM
No school on Friday and Monday

crossword on constellations due tomorrow/// get test sign due by tomorrow or detention/// choose 3 of the constellations on the back of the worksheet and type 3 facts about it and email to me by 11/12 at

Cells and heredity workbook page 99 lesson 1///lab write up due next wednesday 11/13/// get test sign and brought back tomorrow

Get test sign