Ms.Huggins homework 1/14/2020

Science test tomorrow
Math workbook page 24 #3-7

TB page 168 vocabulary review

Workbook page 137-139 Read and do the Assess your Understanding///Get quiz sign and re-take on Thursday

8A Make sure you write the homework in your notebook due Thursday

Answer True or false next to the statements and write the correct word if the statement is false.
1. ___________In the troposphere, heat is transferred mostly by conduction.
2. ____________ Conduction works best in some solids.
3. ____________ Air temperature is usually measured with a barometer.
4. ___________ The upward movement of warm air and the downward movement of cool air form a convection current.
5. _____The farther apart the molecules in a substance are, the better they conduct heat.
6. ____________In the Fahrenheit temperature scale, water freezes at zero degree Celsius and boils at 100 degree Celsius.
7. Why is convection more important than conduction in the troposphere?
8. Explain how a convection current can enable a hawk or eagle to soar upward without flipping its wings