Ms.Huggins homework 1/10/2020

Science worksheet///test on Wednesday the Periodic Table
Reading pop quiz for Percy Jackson///Index Card for Living Museum due Monday and Essay question due Monday
SS test either Monday or Tuesday

Based on your reading from last night TB page 160-164, you are to answer the following questions in your notebook. Due Monday
1. What are renewable resources?
2. What do solar cells and solar panels do?
3.Why is WIND a renewable resource?
4. How can people use WIND as a source of energy?
5. How do people use moving water to produce energy?
6. How do people use BIOMASS to produce electricity?
7.How do people use BIOMASS to make fuels for cars?
8.What is one kind of pollution caused by burnign of fossil fuels?

Lab due Tuesday Make sure it is colored and written up as a proper lab. Please answer the following questions in the lab notebook to be collect3ed on Tuesday.
1. What is the preocess of copying DNA called?
2. Identify two important enzymes involved in replication.
3. Where does the replication occur in the cell?
4. Why is replication important to the cell and living organism?

Review your notes