Ms.Huggins 9/30

6th Group A
Science= solve 2 Acceleration problems///Lab will be given to you on Friday
ELA questions in NB
Reading Holes vocabulary quiz Friday
Math Lesson5 #5&9 page 46 and 47; Lesson 6 only #1 page 54
Music answer the 2 questions on Looseleaf
1. What is Bob Marley trying to say in this song?
2. HOw does it to apply to the world today?
Write the lyrics to Bob MArley songs Them BElly FUll
SS answer questions in your NB
REMIND tesxt 81010 @ga4hb43

5th Group A
Watch the video on Mae Jaimeson and answer the question on the second part of the worksheet in your notebook
Finish working on ROugh Draft
Test next THursday

7th Group A
2 worksheets on Google classroom
Study for Lab quiz on Friday///Chapter test on Cells next Friday

8th Group A
Quiz on Geologic Time Scale is next Friday