Ms.Huggins 9/29

6th Group B
Science solve 2 Acceleration problems in your notebook #2 & #3 only and submit the answers to me.
Religion School Mission Prayer will be taken on Thursday
Math =L5 even up to 10
ELA Continue reading and doing the essential questions//Have headphones/Earbuds for THursday
Music homework questions
Song THem Belly full but we still hungry
1. What is Bob MArley trying to say in the song?
2. How does it apply to the world today?
Social Studies: Answer the question #7 page 69 and question in your notebook: WHat plants and animals were domesticated in the following areas; a. N.America
b. S.America
c. Central America
d. Asia
e. Africa
2. What is the oldest plant that was domesticated and the oldest animal that was domesticated? Has to be completed on an index card as extra credit

5th GroupB
In Google classroom create a google doc and type a rough draft of your scary story submit it to me. Thank you

7th Group B
Cells and Heredity workbook page 28-33 Read and highlight complete page 36 Lesson 3#12-16