Ms.Huggins 9/22

6th group A
Music Answer the 2 questions in your NB
1.How would you use music to make people feel better with what’s happening in the world?
2. What song would you sing to them, and why?
Science workbook page 11 Apply It and Assess your Understanding/// Metric Unit problems

5th Group A
Read pages 20-21 answer the following questions in your notebook
1.Why are temperatures becoming warmer in the Northern HEmisphere around the March equinox?
2. What season begins at the March equinox?
3.Why are noon shadows shorter at this time?
4.Why does the Northern Hemisphere have its warmest temperature at this time?
5. What happens to the number of daylight hours after the June Solstice un the Northern Hemisphere?

7th group A
Study page 16 &17 in your cells and Heredity workbook for lab quiz