Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. Below I will list the Remind codes and the codes for Google Classroom. It will being next week so please use this weekend to join the class. THank you

5A=Investigators REMIND:@66eghc Google classroom: 62sv4hd

5B=Inventors REMIND:@27bbke Google Classroom: 2mxdkmt

6A=Intelligent Scientist REMIND:@7aab9g Google Classroom: zeusevc

6B= Scientist Explorers REMIND:@scientiste Google classroom: 4vkkfhm

7A=Medical BEginners REMIND:@medicalbe Google Classroom: U5vplpm

7B= Surgical Beginners REMIND: @surgicalb Google Classroom: 7gmo6fd

8A=Geologist REMIND: @geologist Google classroom: pv4pjs2

8B=Astronomers REMIND: @7e2f87 Google CLassroom: nhhn2rs