Ms.Huggins 12/ 9

ELA / Reading – Holes Movie Review in Google Classroom / Christmas Writing Assignment due Friday

Math – Unit 2 Test on Lesson 13-19

Science – Newton’s Law Worksheet in Google Classroom

Social – The Middle and New Kingdom of Egypt assignmnet in Google Classroom

Religion – December’s theme is due on Monday

*All kids who were at title have to read chapters 8,9, and 10 of UNder Siege and answer the following *

How did Brett and Raybee’s freindship change from beginning to end ?
How did aliens get on the island ?

Reminders –

Tomorrow – $2.00 Dress Down / 12:30 dissmissal / Hot Chocolate $1.00 / Report Card conferencs

ALL Secret Santa gifts due Dec 17

Reading on Asteroids

Read pages 134-136 and answer the questions on page 136

Reading on Earth’s changing surface and answer the questions in google classroom