Ms.Huggins 11/4

ELA / Reading – Subject / Predicates test on Wedenesday ( November 10th )
Action Verb / Direct object test Friday ( November 19th )

Math – Lesson 13 numbers 10-18 , 2- , and 23

Science- Google Classroom assignment on Triple beam balance

Social Studies – Halloween Town Past Due

Music – Search up a Kompa song and write how the beat makes you feel in your Music NB

Homework from Mrs. Heimbach
Write an apology note to Ms. Gallina for your behavior in sign language today. The ones that were not in class, write an apology note on how your classmates should have behaviored. Must be (8 ) sentences or more.

Reminders ~

Hot Dog lunch tommorow
ALL Money due November 8th

Study your notes tomorrow a mini quiz on stars and galaxies
Activity 136 & 138 on google classroom

Study your notes on Punnett Square

No homework
Practice State Exam tomorrow