Ms.Huggins 10/1

Group B
Science test next Friday on SI Units, Speed formula and Acceleration
Practice problems #3-6
Lab instructions will be posted tomorrow to be completed over the weekend.
Reading in the reading notebook draw an illustration of the character you created online yesterday
Math Lesson 5 12-16 even Lesson 6 1,2,5,&7
SS Take your SS textbook home use teh class notes and what we read in class answer the questions below:
How did the first civilizations get started and emerged?
In google classroom, the teacher will create a document
Music due on Wednesday
Gym is on Monday

5th Group B
Finish Constellation stories and submit for review. Test next Friday Review will be on Monday

7th Group B
Science study chapter 1 on Cels test is next Friday

8th Group B
Review and Assessment on Google Docs #13-22