Ms Finnegan

Dress Down tomorrow

Assembly and Student of the Month 


Math 6-3 #2-16

ELA Project Due.  Test on vocab

Science:  Textbook page 39 test prep and page 38 #15 and College Stem

Religion:  Inquire if there is a story behind your name.


5th Grade HW is due Monday.  page 130-131  All questions

6th Vocab quiz tomorrow

7th Grade create an artistic rendition of New England trading port/ Southern Plantation with labels/descriptions.  Google what you do not know.  I am looking for detail and description

8th Grade

Know all of your list from class notes regarding assessment part one- key people and important terms.

Be prepared to for short response regarding Industrial Revolution, Lowell Girls, textile-mills and factory towns.  All students should have the notes from today. Email if you have questions.