Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework Page

Grade 8:  Due Friday, create a google slide presentation through Google Classroom on the figurative language we learned in class. (allusions, personifications, onomatopoeia, and analogies.  You must create  10 slides.  This will be graded as a test.  Before turning in check for spelling, punctuation and capitalization.  One slide must have a definition of the figurative language and the second slide an example of the figurative language.

Due tomorrow, March 18, 2020:  Grade 7  (Also, an ongoing assignment)

Writing Assignment:  We are experiencing something unprecedented in modern times:  The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic.  As part of a daily writing assignment, you will keep a journal on how it has affected you, your family and your community.  Describe what you experience, how you feel and any other information you wish to write about on a daily basis and how it is affecting you.  I will set up a Google Classroom assignment for you.  Remember, this must be done every night and it will be considered part of your ELA grade for the third trimester.