Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework Page

Homework for Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019

Grade 8:  ELA-Complete worksheet on ‘Character Quotes’.

Reading:  Answer the following question in your notebooks.   What is the gist of what you read in Chapter 1?   Based on your reading of Chapter 1, how do Jem, Scout, and Dill describe Boo Radley?  Use the strongest evidence from the novel to support your description.  

Grade 8 Vocabulary:  Define the words and write the sentence that has the word from Chapter 1.  How did you figure out the word from the sentence in Chapter 1?  (satisfactory, routine contentment, malevolent phantom, stealthy, alien.

Grade 7:  ELA – Read worksheet, Gerardo’s Journey and complete questions.

Reading:  Make one inference about Nya and one inference about Salva  from Chapter 1 in A Long Walk to Water.  Cite evidence (details to help support your inference.  Please write this on loose leaf and your response should be at least two paragraphs.  This will be graded.

Science:  The Diversity of Life, workbook page 31, Lesson 2.

Math:  no Math homework, test on Chapter 6 on Monday, Sept. 30.

Social Studies:  Questions and vocabulary due tomorrow.

Music (due next Tuesday)  Research and write a paragraph about a jazz musician, singer or composer.

Religion:  All faith word and page 23 activity.