Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework Page

Music:  Test tomorrow and paragraph with cover is due tomorrow.

Social Studies:  Project due tomorrow

Religion:  Finish writing prayers;  The Nicene Creed and the Act of Contrition in your notebooks.

Science:  Read pages 177-179 and highlight/Assess your Understanding.

ELA/Reading:  In Progress Book, complete pages 118 and 121, 

If participating in the Living Museum Fair, bring in a banner with your person’s name, several pictures of your person to post on walls and a hard copy of your essay by tomorrow.

Bring in 5 dollars for your contribution to the card party.

Dress down this Friday, 1.00. 

Bring in juice or water for Pancake Breakfast. 

Grade 8:  Complete Google classroom assignment in Reading.

8A:  Answer question in Progress NY, page 118 and complete Google classroom assignment in Reading.