Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework Page

ELA/Reading:  Continue to work on Cornell Notes.  Complete vocabulary on Cornell Notes by writing the definitions of the words in a different color.  Also, use textual evidence from the selection to support the comparing and contrasting chart in the Notes section of the Cornell Notes.  Study for test on Tuesday on the selection, The Race to the Golden Spike.  Study side bars in the selection to help you with point of view.  Historical Fiction book report project is due on Fri., Feb. 14.  Bring in large picture of the African American you chose for your trade-in card.

Math:  Write mass prayers on loose leaf one time.  Complete Math packet pgs. 75 and 76.

Religion:  Redo News article homework.  Test Thursday on the Nicene Creed.  Essay contest essays due Monday before school

Reminders:  Bring in pizza money and Pancake Breakfast money.  Dress down Monday, 1.00 dollar.

Grade 8:  Study for vocabulary test.