Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework Page

Religion:  Test  next week on the Nicene Creed, Lamb of God.  Redo  the homework from last night on loose leaf.  Write about 3 news stories that answer the question.  Must include reasons why and sources.  Use the Beatitudes. 

Science:  Presentation is due on Feb. 10.

Reading:  Test tomorrow on “The Race to the Golden Spike.”  Study vocabulary words and side bars for point of view.Math:  pp. 74, 2-1, numbers 1-7/ Mass response once on loose leaf.

Tech:  slide due Sunday at 12 am.

Grade 8A:  Study for vocabulary test on Monday.  Test postponed.

Grade 8B:  Practice for final presentations.  Study for vocabulary test on Monday.

Reminders:  1:00 dress down, Pizza money due Feb. 10.  Bring in Pancake Breakfast money.

Book report due on Feb. 14.