Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework page

ELA/Reading:  Read page 18 and complete page 19 in your New York Progress Book.  Get book covered.

Reading:  Read chapters 1 and 2 in A Long Walk to Water  and describe the two characters, the setting for each and write a short summary of chapters 1 and 2.   Get the book covered.

Math:  Workbook page 6-7 , numbers 7-16′

Science:  Study cells, Test Tuesday.

Social Studies:  Write 2 details about the Aztecs, Incas and Mayas, page 6-9 in textbook.  Read question on page 6  and write answer in


Religion:Chapter Test  on Monday, study chapter 1. 

Billboard drawing due Monday.

Computer:  Digital Footprint due Thursday. Sign up for Remind 64g67F

Agenda money due, pizza money due, and dress down tomorrow, 1.00

All forms must be returned

Grade 8:  Complete pages 18 and 19 in your ELA book and get book covered.