Mrs.Dasaro’s Homework Page

Reading: Continue to work on Google Classroom letter.

Math: Test Thursday.

Sci.: Lab worksheet due after break; quiz tomorrow in Science.

Social Studies: Lesson Assessment and Comprehension Check

Religion: Christmas tradition assignment due in Google Classroom January 3

Reminders: Ugly sweater dress down on Thursday, 1.00.  Free dress down Fri.  If participating in Carnival.  If not participating you are to come in uniform and bring your own lunch.

Class party and Secret Santa on Thursday.  Bring in goodies according to the list.

Grade 8: Complete Chapter 7 vocabulary.  Define the following words.  Write the sentence in the chapter the word is in and write your own sentence showing your understanding of the word.

Words:  baffled, pg. 66, perpetual embalming, pg. 67, whittles, pg. 67, tarnished, pg. 68, burdensome, pg.69, cleaved, pg. 69, rendered, pg. 69, meditative, pg. 69.