Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework Page

Homework for Friday, Nov. 1, 2019:

Reading:  If you have not finished Chapter 9 summary, complete it for homework.  (on loose leaf)

Answer the following question on loose leaf:  When one of the women in the group gives water to one of the men they find in the desert, someone else tells her that she will die if she shares her water.

Social Studies:  All comprehension checks and assessments, pages 56-68

Math:  7-4, odd numbers 1-19.

Religion:  Study for test on Monday.

8A and 8B:  Create a draft of your one-pager; make sure that all 7 parts are in your draft.

Which do you feel is making the better decision:  the woman who shares her water or the one who keeps his water to insure his own survival?  Explain.

Reminders:  Bring in pledges for the Walk-a Thon.  Last day to bring in pledges is Wednesday, Nov.6.

 Monday is late chicken lunch day.  Fee for the lunch is now 5.50.

Wednesday is group picture day, come in your dress uniform, not your gym uniform.  Thurs., is individual pictures.