Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework Page

Homework for Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019

Reading:  Answer the following questions in your notebook:

  1. Why is Nya worried about her little sister, Akeer?
  2. What choice is Nya’s family faced with?
  3. What does Salva think has happened to Marial?
  4. What obstacle does the group need to cross to get to Ethiopia?
  5. How does the group overcome this obstacle?
  6. How does Salva help in this task?  (Be very descriptive with this question)

Religion:  Reread pages 274-275, review notes; quiz on Wednesday.  One-Pager due tomorrow.

Math:  page 7-4, 2 to 12, and 22 to 28, even numbers.

Science:  Thanksgiving story due tomorrow.

8A and 8B:  Finish questions on Chapter 2, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Reminders:  Bring in Pizza money.  2.00 per slice.  Trunk or Treat papers must be copied by your parents, filled out and returned.

1.00 dress down tomorrow, Friday.

Trunk and Treat notices went home.