Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework Page

Math: 7-2 even numbers, up to number 24.

Reading:  Read Chapter 7 in A Long Walk to Water and write a summary on loose leaf.  Test on Chapters 5 and 6 on Tuesday afternoon.

Religion:  One-Pager, due Friday.

Science: Creative story about Thanksgiving due Friday.

Reminders:  dress down on Friday, 1.00.  Bring in walk-a-thon sponsor money.

Bring in Pizza Money, due Oct.28.  2.00 a slice

Grade 8 A:  New York Progress, finish all exercises on pages 28 through 35.  If necessary write your answers on loose leaf.

Grade 8 B: Finish vocabulary assigned and not finished in class.  Write the definition of the words in your notebooks, write the part of speech and write a sentence for each word.  Words:  multitudes, condescended, transaction, enact, apprehensively, seceded, distaste, illicitly, entailment, mortification