Mrs. Dasaro Homework Page

ELA:  Complete worksheet pages.

Reading:  Answer the following question on loose leaf.  In chapter 4, Nya does not want to take her sister to the pond with her, why?  How does this relate to Salva’s situation?  Write at least two paragraphs.

Math:  No math homework.  

Science:  Bring in Thanksgiving story on Monday.

Religion:  For students who have not turned in their one-pagers, they are due Monday, last day to turn in.

Reminders:  Bring in Walk-a-thon fee, pledges.  Picture forms are going home today.

Please respond to the Trunk and Treat form that went home.  Bring in by Monday.

Tuesday, Oct. 29 is a trip day.  Students will be going to St. James Co-Cathedral to see a play on the Holocaust.