Mrs. Dasaro Homework Page

 Homework for Friday, Oct. 4.

Reading:  Reread Chapters 1 and 2 for test on Wednesday.  Also, study vocabulary.

ELA:  Test on Thursday.  Study 

Math:  Study for test on Monday

Science:  no homework

Social Studies:  Test on Tuesday.  Study for Chapter 1 test on Tuesday.  Study vocabulary 4-26.  Read pages 32-37 in textbook and answer comprehension questions.

Grade 8 Reading:  8A – Read Chapter 2 of To Kill a Mockingbird.  Continue to write sentences from the book that have the vocabulary words in them.

 8A and 8B:  Study for Chapter 1 test on to Kill a Mockingbird.  ELA test on Thursday.

Music:  Study for test.

Reminders:  Monday is the last day to order chicken lunch at a higher fee.  Bring in permission slip for trip on Oct. 29.

If you wish to run for the student council, fill out form and return.

HAA meeting on Monday, Oct. 7 at 7:00 pm.