Mrs. Dasaro: Homework and Announcements 10/25/21

ELA/Reading:  Answer the Comprehension Check question in Google Classroom.

Math:  State Test question in Google Classroom on loose leaf.

Science:  No Science Homework

No Social Studies Homework for Grade 7 and 5.

Grade 6 Social Studies:  Continue to revise your Google Slides and be ready for presentation.  Follow the 5 points of the video.

Grade 8 Social Studies Homework:  Study key term/people for test on Wednesday.

For those taking pictures tomorrow, come in dress up clothing.  Those who did not pay must come in their uniforms.  For Wednesday, which is the group picture, you are required to wear your full uniform, no slacks for girls.

Continue to bring in candy donations for the Trunk and Treat

We are still accepting donations for the The Walk-A-Thon.