Monday, September 21

Grade 5B

Reading: Finish defining Mixed Up Files Vocabulary Words (chapter 1: suburbs, accustomed, transistor, fiscal, Neanderthal, injustice, monotony, transfer
Religion: Study for Mission Prayer test if you are retaking it tomorrow
Math: L1 Odd up to #17
Science: Look up constellations for Lab on Friday
Social: Finish Google Classroom assignment for today

Parent Zoom Meeting Thursday at 6:30 (link will be emailed)
Bring in any outstanding supplies or summer packets

Grade 6B:
Finish Vocabulary for chapter 1 if not done
Answer Discussion Questions:
1. Why is it ironic that Camp Green Lake is named what it is?
2. Why does Stanley decide to go to Camp Green Lake instead of to jail?
3. What type of children end up in Camp Green Lake? Are most of them there because they want to be?
4. Who owns the shade at Camp Green Lake? Can you make any inferences based on this knowledge?