Monday, November 23

Group 5B:
ELA: Study for Linking Verb Quiz tomorrow
Reading: Finish reading Chapter 8 of Mixed Up Files, Extra Credit Book Report due tomorrow (can be emailed to me:
Science: Finish word puzzle
Social: If not done: Pages 160 and 161 #1-8, page 161 NYS Prep (on loose leaf)
Math: Assignment in Google Classroom
Religion: Finish Advent Wreath if not done

No school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – Happy Thanksgiving
December Calendar is in folder
Finish Angel and/or Stocking if not done

Group 6B:
Answer the following Discussion Questions:
1. What happens between Stanley, Zero, and Zig-Zag? Should this have been expected? Why? Use two details to support your answer.
2. What do you think the Warden means when she says they do not need an investigation? Who do you think might investigate them?
3. Why is the Warden so sure that Zero will return?
Extra Credit Book Report is due tomorrow (can be emailed to me: